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build something

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face the facts

believe in change

don’t be boring

We design engaging, informative, useful, memorable experiences that help people learn, play, buy, sell, publish, talk, connect, live.

SYNTAX designs experiences. Memorable, engaging, informative, useful experiences that help people learn, play, buy, sell, publish, talk, connect, live. That’s how great brands are built today. That’s how people’s lives can be enriched.

Since our inception in 1998, we have partnered with businesses and organizations in the Arab region and beyond to design their critical interfaces of interaction with customers, employees, partners and the community. These interfaces include brands, workspaces, retail, web platforms, mobile apps, products, events and communication efforts.

The key to our approach is Experiential Integration: combining business understanding and consulting, design thinking and technology/delivery mechanisms to create coherent and delightful experiences across a wide range of touch points.

Great experiences have always been a key driver of profitable and effective customer/audience acquisition and retention. But today these great experiences are not confined to a store or a single piece of communication. We live in a world of multiple modes of access and communication. Brands, companies, governments and organizations need to live there as well.

Great experiences happen everywhere. On a piece of paper, when opening a box, on Facebook, on a phone, in a store, in an office, in a museum, on a street, in a city or across the world. Designing experiences knows no boundaries because human experience has no boundaries.

Building experiences and relevant brands is driven by ideas and insight. They are created by our teams of strategists, designers, architects, writers, media specialists, technologists and project managers. Most importantly they are created in collaboration with forward-looking, open minded and courageous clients.

These clients come from the worlds of business, government, non-profits. They might run a startup or run an empire. What matters is their belief in the transformative power of design. That’s what we believe.

Clients. We work with innovators, communicators and future-oriented leaders. We help them start up or restart. Spark small beginnings or tackle complex challenges. For profit, fun and a better world.

Partnerships. Our sister organizations make us a better company. Together we believe that collaboration between focused partners gives the best results.

Fresh web/mobile technologies and applications. For them, the internet is a lively playground. A place for people. Expect unconventional, user friendly and flexible websites and mobile apps.

Creating, managing and sustaining digital publishing/lifestyle products and projects. Since 2006.