Solutions. Magnetic brands attract. Useful products and services delight. Interactive solutions engage. Comfortable spaces invite. Together they make great organizations.

Innovation & creative strategies

We work with companies and organizations to imagine and identify new innovative avenues of growth, improve products and services and launch ground breaking new ventures and startups.

We have helped a major investment company launch a new facet of its organization to reaching the emerging audience of entrepreneurs in the Arab region, and we have helped a startup team develop an innovative approach to building a job search site around the needs of job seekers and HR professionals.
Touchpoint integration

We bring a customer and human centric approach to audit, assess, re-imagine and design an organizations touch points and interfaces. We observe and analyze customer/audience behavior and journeys, covering both physical and digital channels and design improved experiences that address customer needs, overcome difficulties and disconnects and that present a coherent brand language and service logic across different platforms.

We have helped a major bank redesign its branch experience in the context of a total rebranding project and we are helping an emerging global transport and logistics company create a unified approach to designing its retail outlets.
Corporate Branding

We help organizations large and small discover and articulate the soul and essence of their organizations, in a way that makes their uniqueness visible and tangible to customers, workers and the community. We design and deliver the conceptual, visual and verbal assets that are needed to create clear and consistent brand communication across channels.

We have recently helped a regional loyalty card program company re-articulate their brand promise and create a fresh new visual identity for all their touch points, re-branded a major financial institution, repositioned and redesigned a home appliance brand and created brands for numerous startups in the consumer and business-to-business sectors.
Product Branding

We create product branding solutions that encompass packaging design, retail displays, product informational material as well as creating product family naming systems. Our approach emphasizes the reduction of visual clutter, clarity of communication and a striking, differentiated shelf presence.

We have designed groundbreaking branding and packaging design for a regional beverage company helping them take market leadership in the first year of their operation, and we worked with a Jordanian agricultural company to design a packaging system for the export of their produce to European markets.
City/Country Branding

Bringing together our cultural curiosity, understanding of urbanism and regional tourism with our branding, design and communication capabilities, we have created a solid practice in the field of city, tourism and regional branding.

We have created the first citizen-centric comprehensive branding initiative for Jordan’s capital, Amman, and we have worked with national and local tourism authorities to create tourism destination brands for regional and international audience
Product design

We help companies design better products and ultimately better product experiences. This includes creating new product categories, full product prototyping and redesign and visual/aesthetic improvement of existing products.

We created a modular office furniture system for the customer service centers of a large corporation and we are helping a Kuwait-based catering business design innovative food service vessels and cutlery.
Service design

Our understanding of complex business processes, business technology systems as well as our ability to design and deliver user interfaces/user experiences that cover physical outlets, web/mobile platforms and paper-based communication enables us to partner with organization to design services that add value through faster transaction times, smoother interactions and a reduction in complaints and errors.

We have worked with a Gulf-based road and transport authority to redesign dozens of their e-services, and we have delivered service interfaces in the fields of banking, telecom and e-government.
Web design

From corporate websites to web startups, SYNTAX has been providing strategy, design and technology implementations services since the introduction of the commercial web in the region. When designing for the web medium, we take a user centric approach emphasizing clarity of communication, ease of navigation and visual/interactive delight. Our design approach often emphasizes modularity and the need of a corporate website to grow and accommodate new marketing and communication needs.

We have been the website strategy and design partner of major Saudi telecom company for over half a decade. We have developed an elegant e-commerce experience for a new home accessory retail startup. We have developed the website and web-publishing system of a global pharmaceutical company and have designed award winning websites for startups, SMEs, government organizational and non profits   across the region and beyond.
Mobile design

Designing for mobility is the ultimate digital design challenge. We help clients define and design mobile experiences that fit into the lifestyles of their customers and audiences. As the hottest area of computing, communication and media today, the sand of mobile platforms, screen sizes and device capabilities are shifting all the time. We advise organizations on mobile delivery strategy, appropriate platform choices and mobilizing the web sites through responsive design.

We have architected and designed a suite of customer service apps across iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms for a major regional telecom. We also conceived and developed prototypes of a social mobile app for multi-region loyalty/reward company.
Web/mobile media design

Drawing on our teams deep experience in the publishing field and our web and mobile design expertise, we help media organizations develop web and mobile media experiences at a time when audiences are migrating en-masse to digital media and in an environment that is dominated by the explosive growth in social and citizen media. What we bring to the table is not only our understanding of editorial design, content strategies and publishing business models, but also a deep appreciates of the brands of media organizations and media products.
We have helped a major global media organization relaunch their tablet magazines, resulting in an award winning delivery.

We have re-architected and redesigned the web portal of a sports daily newspaper in the United Arab Emirates and we have worked with a corporate-supported startup to bring one of the most successful magazine brands in the Arab world onto the web.
Newspaper and magazine design

The passion for print publishing is at the root of SYNTAX. Today, we are work national newspapers, magazines and niche publications to rebrand and redesign their reader-experience. We also work with corporation and organizations to create customer magazines that can be delivered to readers in print, on the web or on tablets.

We have developed the editorial strategy, branding and design and handled the content creation and commissioning of a world-class transport and logistics corporate magazine. And we have partnered with an award winning global newspaper design specialist to redesign the oldest daily newspaper in the UAE.
Workspace and retail

Creating spaces where people love to be requires the intersection of architectural design thinking with the understanding of brands and corporate cultures. We help organizations create better places for work and commerce. Workplaces are not “office space”. They are an organization’s interface with its own people. They affect productivity, collaboration and health. And, if thoughtfully designed can inspire pride and a sense of belonging. Retail design is no longer about shelf space, but about holistic delightful experiences that immerse customers into a brand’s world.

We worked with a national nature and ecotourism organization to create an integrated retail, dining and community center experience in its flagship headquarters. We are also working with a medical-services startup to brand and design a comprehensive patient experience for a sophisticated dental health and beauty center.
Cultural spaces

We work with museums, non profits and tourism destinations to create spaces for the display of art and heritage and to facilitate cultural interpretation, knowledge sharing and understanding. We structure engaging stories and journeys for cultural spaces based on deep research and understanding of the subject matter. We deploy our content-authoring, architectural design and visual design skills to deliver spaces of intricate detailing and interpretive media and interactive elements that tell the stories of art collections, cultural heritage or social causes.

We worked with one of the most respected art institutions in the Arab region to design a new lab for artistic experimentation by converting an abandoned structure into a modern art space. We are advising a new museum of dress and textile heritage on branding and visitor experience.
Event/exhibition experiences

Creating a place that heightens the senses and a spirit of positive human congregation that allows people to be the best they can are key to the success of conferences, corporate events and exhibitions. Our design of such event starts with conceptualizing the total flow and format of an event, taking into consideration that an event experience doesn’t just happen at the designated venue and at the designated time, but actually starts before the event and doesn’t end with the final speaker of a conference.

We have worked on two major technology events in the region that hosted over 1000 participants each and we have conceptualized, branded and designed corporate and brand launch events as well as community engagement gatherings.
Wayfinding and place navigation

We strive to create navigable places, be they buildings, campuses or even entire cities.

We worked with a leading real-estate company on creating the wayfinding system of a large scale urban development encompassing street level and parking navigation and building naming and numbering. We also created a informational signage and road signage system for a tourism trail in Jordan that spans around 200 KM with multiple destinations.

Process. Designing experiences around the needs of people means total immersion into their world, uncovering the real questions, challenging conventions, building prototypes, delivering real-world solutions and vigilant execution.

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