Fifteen years ago SYNTAX was born. We were three partners and a couple of team members. We borrowed an empty doctor’s clinic for office space, put some Macs and PCs on cheap wooden boards supported by simple triangular legs, got a telephone line, and called ourselves a company.

Today, we still use those cheap wooden boards as tables. And in many ways we still are that “design workshop” we started out as.

But our journey of fifteen years changed us as well. Today we are a team of 25 SYNTAXers: designers, project coordinators, architects, content creators, strategists and managers (you’ve got to have some managers!), handling projects from all over the region (and sometimes beyond), designing the brands, digital experiences, spaces, and products of great companies and organizations, large and small.

Our extended family has grown as well to include Spring, our technology strategy and implementation sister company, and TootCorp, our friends who run a digital venture lab.
The road behind us was interesting and challenging. Often fun. Sometimes bumpy. Sometimes dangerous. But here we are. We survived! And on the way, we learned a lot and managed to, hopefully, deliver something useful, informative, engaging, and delightful into this world.

To celebrate 15 years of SYNTAXing, and to recognize and thank clients, partners, team members friends and family who have accompanied us on this journey, we designed SYNTAX: interface, a day of celebration, inspiration and design thinking, presented by the SYNTAX team in Amman and a group of guest designers, architects, technologists, entrepreneurs and other trouble makers.

SYNTAX: interface was held in a multi-part “open day” style on May 11, 2013 at our offices in Amman and the roof of our building.

Here’s to 15 more years to come.