The journey of transformation at SYNTAX continues in 2017. And we are ready to make some new hires. Over the past two years we have been steadily making changes to become a better run, efficient company. At the core we are still a company that runs on curiosity, courage, craft and community. But as a design enterprise we also needed to focus on efficient delivery and financial sustainability. We’ve done a lot to get there.

We enter 2017 with a spirit a renewal, being joined by new generation SYNTAXers who undoubtedly will leave their mark on our work, our office and the way we do things.
A priority for SYNTAX today is to find someone who can build a business development initiative. If you insist to know what “title” this position will carry, well, it is that of “Director of Business Development”. But let’s not get hung up on titles. Titles are not very important at SYNTAX.
Despite being in the market for almost 19 years, SYNTAX is still considered somewhat of a “best kept secret” tucked away in Amman. We’ve done work all over the region, including the launch of impactful brands, sophisticated digital initiatives and exciting new businesses. Yet still we don’t feel that all those who should have heard about us in Jordan, the region and the world have learned about SYNTAX and what it can do.

We want to change that this year.

The business development leader we are looking for will have to wear many hats. She needs to deal with the continuous flood of project requests we receive and be able to respond with well researched, well crafted and correctly priced proposals. He needs to make sure that we shine on social media and other channels, and to engage in conversations with those interested in what we have to offer, both online and at industry events. She needs to travel the region and tell our story to those who need to hear it: the entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators of the region, who understand the transformative power of design. He needs to be able to seek and develop business relationships that start shaping our company’s future. It’s cool that we have all these incoming business requests, but we need to go on the offensive and start seeking those regional and global opportunities that are exciting and meaningful to our team.

We’d love to do more city branding. We get excited about designing public transport experiences. We can have real impact on the next generation of digital/mobile businesses of the region. We’d like to impact the region’s educational and cultural sectors with our design thinking. And occasionally we like to have fun launching the next restaurant concept that becomes a local favorite or starts a global trend.

Does this sound exciting to you? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketer, engineer, techie, consultant, designer, architect or salesperson. All that matters is that you’re someone who wants to work with a team of people that is trying hard to bring better design to life every day and that you’re someone who want to be out there communicating, understanding, selling and building lasting relationships.

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