With a new year there’s a new SYNTAXer.

We’re delighted to welcome aboard Eddie Taylor who, starting 01.01.2010, has become SYNTAX’s Chief Communications Strategist, or Word Guru if you prefer his unofficial title.

Most of us at SYNTAX already knew Eddie through our collaboration with him on The Explorer magazine which we produce for Aramex. But some of us, myself included, have known Eddie long before. I even attempted to get Eddie to become a SYNTAXer when he moved to Jordan three years ago, but his mind was set on revolutionizing Jordan’s magazine industry back then!

Now that he’s successfully done with his magazine revolution, he will be transforming the communication and content strategies of our SYNTAX clients.

Eddie’s communication experience was honed over a decade of work in magazine and contract publishing in London and New York where he developed media products and publications for a wide range of consumer and corporate brands including the Chelsea Football Club, the Mail on Sunday, BAFTA (the British Oscars) and Royal Jordanian.

His writing for Royal Jordanian’s Royal Wings inflight magazine introduced him to Jordan and the region. He moved to Amman in 2006 and launched Near East Media’s pioneering NOX men’s monthly, Torque, a monthly car magazine as well as the high-end lifestyle title The Aviator for Arab Wings airline.

Communication is at the heart of what SYNTAX does. Creative content development is key to creating engaging experiences and breakthrough brands. We have a passion for books, magazines, newspapers and content-rich websites. We love editorial design. I want to quote MetaDesign, one of my favorite design companies who, in their early days, where an inspiration to me to start SYNTAX. They used to say: “we design from the word up”. For us at SYNTAX, this isn’t just about type and typography. This is about the written word and the thought behind it as foundations of what we do as team.

This is the start of transforming our communication/editorial/content discipline to a powerful proposition, applicable across commercial, cultural and governmental projects.

We look forward to working with Eddie and hope for a long, fruitful and inspiring collaboration.