SYNTAX talks 2013 – Popularizing Arabic Cool: Jo Bedu from SYNTAX on Vimeo.

Jo Bedu is a brand that delivers modern Arab pop cultures, portrayed through different styles of creative Arab designers, illustrators, writers and artists. It is also a successful business model. The Jo Bedu team shared with us their strategy in sourcing talent across the Arab World, and how they maintain the brand as they prepare to expand their business through branches in Jordan, with an outlook to reach to wider audience via their online and wholesale channels.

Tamer AlMasri and Michael “Meesh” Makdah met in high school, and over the years their friendship culminated in a partnership that shares the goal of building a creative and fun brand experience. Although he studied computer science, Meesh’s passion truly lies in marketing. He has a natural gift with people. His positive spirit is contagious and is showcased in Jo Bedu’s great marketing track record. Tamer is an artist at heart, he pursued a degree in international affairs with a focus on political economics. However it wasn’t long before his passion for the arts realigned his goals to build a platform that celebrates the works of Arab creatives.