One of the coolest Arab media projects out there these days is Aramram, a web-TV project based in Amman. The Aramram team is redefining what local socially and culturally engaged TV means, with a progressive editorial line and a fresh/edgy visual brand of video communication. It’s everything mainstream TV is not!

Over the past year, Aramram has produced a dazzling array of video portraits, reports and shows that cover a wide range of issues and put Jordan’s diversity on full display. Interaction with the “channel” also has evolved with more viewers posting comments and embedding videos in blog and websites.

For the past weeks our team at SYNTAX and and our friends at Spring have been working closely with the Aramram team on releasing an upgraded new version of Aramram, focusing on improved usability and navigation and a tidying up of the site’s presentation, while keeping Aramram’s unique visual style.

Videos are now more easily accessible and findable. Content is cross posted under various classifications, enabling users to discover more of Aramram’s videos.

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Project team

SYNTAX: Ibrahim Owais, Aseel Haddad.
Spring: Khalil Majadalwi, Sana Bataineh