SYNTAX has finalized the new issue of Aramex‘s customer magazine ”The Explorer“ which aims to inspire corporate leaders around the globe with outlooks on logistics and life. The ”New Frontiers“-themed issue demonstrates Aramex‘s thought leadership by attracting customers and employees for a conversational experience of Aramex‘s brand. With “The Explorer“, SYNTAX delivered an integrated branding solution including the editorial strategy, the commission of the content and the design of the entire magazine.

SYNTAX has been involved in the development of ”The Explorer“ since its inception and helped Aramex to realize its vision of moving this publication from a corporate newsletter to an engaging customer magazine. In close collaboration with Aramex‘s Marketing & PR Team, SYNTAX created the editorial concept for the magazine and supplied the entire content in cooperation with the innovative magazine publishing house Near East Media.

By developing the editorial strategy, the tone of voice and the agenda for ”The Explorer“, SYNTAX‘s team set out to create an entertaining and informative reading experience that captures the curiosity of the reader. Rather than exclusively featuring Aramex‘s activities, the magazine enlightens its audience with outlooks on various aspects of logistics and life.

”The Explorer is a showcase of how SYNTAX excels at combining communication strategy, content development and design, to deliver an engaging, informative product that is valued by readers and that concretely leads to positive brand perception,” said Ahmad Humeid, CEO of SYNTAX explains. ”This magazine explores how an innovative company like Aramex can move beyond traditional PR into engaging with customers on a deeper level,“ Humeid explains.

Developing The Explorer magazine is part or SYNTAX’s wide ranging brand, media and digital consulting activities for Aramex. For the past 18 months, SYNTAX has been working with Aramex on the articulation of its “Delivery Unlimited” brand strategy, the development of its corporate design system, launching web innovation initiatives as well as brand spin offs.

SYNTAX‘s track record in editorial design spans over more than a decade and includes branding and design projects for major regional and international publishing houses such as the Jordan Times, Abu Dhabi Media Company, United Nations, and Royal Jordanian.

The latest issue of the Explorer can be read online.