We have just posted an announcement on Facebook and elsewhere that we are looking for a business development person, to help us identify and solidify opportunities to do branding, design and web innovation work, especially in the Gulf region. After a decade of having SYNTAX’s business development on autopilot (i.e. word of mouth and referrals), we want to try to shift gear, at least a little bit, and start shaping our destiny (aka project opportunities) with some intention 🙂

We are NOT looking for someone to fill a sales quota. We need someone who shares our passion for design and innovation. Someone who truly wants to understand client needs and come up with progressive solutions.

We have already been active in the Gulf market with projects in the UAE (both Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Kuwait (numerous projects over the past 3 years), Qatar (mainly our work on Qatar Museum Authority) and Saudi Arabia (where we work for a large telecom).

We are very flexible when it come to the form of the cooperation, but key is a true belief in the value of design and a progressive attitude.

If interested, or if you know someone who is, the person to talk to is my colleague Razan Khatib razan@syntaxdigital.com. She is following up on this.