The Jordanian English language weekly The Star focuses its cover story on the centennial celebrations of Amman’s municipality and the launch of the new Amman brand that was developed by SYNTAX.

“Ahmad Humeid, the manager of Syntax, the company that designed the logo and holds the responsibility of re-branding Amman, as a city, told The Star that they have been researching Amman for the past four years. ‘There is more to what happened than a logo design. It has to be consistent and implemented as a way of life and not just a media junket,’ Humeid, who believes the new logo is more about Ammanites, said.

‘I don’t think anyone relates to the old logo that was created back in 1983. They’ve incorporated elements inspired from an Ottoman bridge on the fringes of Amman. The new logo is about Amman now…the present,’ Humeid explained.

Zeina Darwazeh, whose design that went through different stages of deliberation, re-drawing and later on public voting, said that being part of the new Amman logo was exciting. ‘Ahmad kept telling me that he wanted a timeless logo. It was a huge responsibility but I am proud that I was part of it. Compared to how it started the current logo has come a long way,’ Darwazah, the 24-year old Jordanian, talking to The Star, acknowledged.

According to Humeid between 900-1000 people voted for the present logo from the four that were exhibited at Al Hussein Cultural Center. ‘Focus groups with officials, thorough historical research and literature readings in addition to public surveys were conducted part of the new branding process,’ Humeid elaborated.

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