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Ahli has always been, and will always be, close to the community and a key player in the local economy. For decades, Ahli has grown hand in hand with the people, evolving as their needs and situations changed. As markets progress into the fast paced digital reality, banks need to reexamine their role in the economy. As an enabler and facilitator of financial life, Ahli is rethinking its interfaces with customers to deliver better, more relevant services to customers;  to help people become more productive, to start businesses and manage their money. The brand is built on a foundation that differentiates Ahli – a strategic vision of shared prosperity

Designing the Branch

Retail banking today is very different from what it used to be, and the branch, in the traditional sense, is becoming obsolete. In the digital age, retail needs to become experiential, and human contact remains essential, especially in building and maintaining trust.

SYNTAX worked closely with a team of experts from a variety of fields and disciplines to build the new Ahli bank branch concept:

Dina Haddadin - Lead Architect
Arda Aslanian - Architectural Consultant
Khaled Ali - Senior Architect
Ishraq Zraikat - Textile design
Arini - Custom lighting
Zawayed -  Custom stone tables and planters

Design Strategies

A unique blend of modern, high tech elements and local materials and artifacts, composes a space that celebrates our culture, welcoming its visitors with a warm, comfortable modern ambiance. Manufactured glass with high tech digital filters complements the softer OSB (wood chips) layers. White bases and structures create light, open spaces, setting a backdrop to energetic, colorful graphics and calm enclosures.

Custom patterned tiles, and animated screens and signage provide color and branding, while planters of local plants and the olive tree breathe life and familiarity into the space. Customers and visitors wait in comfortable seating areas, local art pieces and custom furniture lend a relaxed and contemporary undertone that celebrates local artists and craftsmen.

Depending on the space available and the location, the various experiences of the branch can vary, with spaces allocated to any one component can change in form and size from branch to branch. SYNTAX prototyped a variety of branches to envision how experiences scale and transform.

Welcoming the community into the branch, helping people with their financial needs, through services and advice.

Photos courtesy of David Mathiew Walters.

Signage and ATMs

Brand implementation on signage and ATMs.

Brand Applications

SYNTAX designed a multitude of branch touch points across the Ahli brand experience, from digital interfaces, way finding, to print and media.