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Turning Ahli’s online presence into a primary branch for customers


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With more and more customers in Jordan turning to digital channels, websites are a primary touch point. Easy to access and to navigate, websites can be a retail environment for customers to ask questions, buy products and services, and manage their personal accounts with increased convenience.

Ahli Bank approached SYNTAX to revamp the bank’s online presence. At the time, the website had little to support Ahli’s customers and a lot of banking terminology that seemed irrelevant—and at times, incomprehensible—to the average user. SYNTAX wanted to transform Ahli Bank’s website into a primary branch where customers could be fully engaged and serviced.

This transformation meant several things had to change. First and foremost, SYNTAX put the user in the spotlight, and molded everything on the website to optimize their experience. SYNTAX architected and redesigned Ahli’s website to be based on a modular system that focused on the customer needs, designing a set of fully customized modules and tools that would be managed by the marketing team. Such tools included personalized, interactive loan calculators, which the user could use to form an understanding of interest rates and monthly repayments, making their financial assessment more accessible.

The bank’s communication strategy also had to shift from vague, generic talk about financial services to targeted messages that emphasized real benefits and relevance to the bank’s different segments. We wanted to stay close to the reasons why people might want to take out loans - for trips, for educational insurance, for new consumer goods, so on the homepage, we positioned specific questions, such as "Are you married?" or "Are you planning to invest?" This shift allowed Ahli Bank to make offers based on specific customer needs and profiles and to repackage its existing products and services in a way that resonated with its audiences. The choice of photographic language, showing Jordanian families from different backgrounds and in real-life contexts, also reinforced the relevance of Ahli Bank to their target market. The result was a website that proved a primary channel for Ahli Bank to engage with their audiences, gain their trust, inform them, and improve their ability to utilize the bank’s services—all while giving the bank a significant boost to its business.