Be a Nature Guide

How social media helped find Jordan's nature guide superstars.










Digital, Branding, Publication

A social media and public outreach campaign designed for Jordan's Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). As part of the RSCN's drive to encourage ecotourism in Jordan, it needed to recruit four young Jordanians to be trained as professional nature guides in South Africa. These four future guides would become the core of a wider training program in the country.

The campaign that ran on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was also used at public outreach meetings around the kingdom to introduce young Jordanians to nature guiding as a potential career. After attracting hundreds of applicants on the campaign's website, eight potential candidates were selected by a professional jury. The campaign followed the eight candidates in their quest to be one of the four final trainees to go to South Africa.

The campaign employed a dedicated video production team that followed the candidates on their tour around the Kingdom as they were subjected to tests and challenges, creating web episodes that were published on social media, extending the awareness of nature guiding and ecotourism even further.