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Collateral Repair Project (CRP) is a non-governmental organization that aims to help urban refugees in Jordan. The organization works with refugees outside camps, ensuring they have food on the table, warm clothes, and school fees for their children.

CRP approached SYNTAX as a pro-bono partner, to provide direction and support in rebranding, visual and verbal design for their fundraising campaigns, annual reports and website. The goal was to create clearer positioning and stronger presence, helping the organization to reinforce its fundraising capabilities and articulate its impact effectively.

CRP supporters donate because they have a personal and emotional connection to the organization, to its work, and to its community, but with increasing competition for attention and activation around causes, the mission was to encourage supporters of CRP to accept these individuals into their hearts and minds, and to give freely as a result. But the challenge was to find ways that could bridge the refugee and Jordanian community of Amman with CRP’s supporters, who most often do not live in Jordan and are not likely to visit.

We created templates for visualizing and contextualizing the data, telling stories from the community and displaying real-life photography. These visual choices were reflected across the website, campaigns and reports, as a means to show not only the hardship, but the determination of people who partner with CRP to overcome their trauma and build brighter futures for themselves.

The annual reports for CRP contextualize data with real life stories.

Since our work with CRP began in 2015, CRP fundraising campaigns have raised nearly $320,000. Their most successful campaign in terms of overall funds raised was in Winter 2017, in which they raised over $100,000 (51% above the prior year). Their most successful campaign against target was in Spring 2018, where they raised 21% above their goal and 93% above the prior year. The figures and the impact around these donations are presented in CRP’s annual reports, alongside details on the organization’s activities, challenges and goals for next year.

SYNTAX has been a proud pro-bono partner of CRP for many years. We’re trying to do our part in this community by giving a good cause, and great work, better chances.  “The result is that CRP is able to help more people in Amman overcome food insecurity, cope with trauma, receive education, and form a tighter bond in the community. Thanks SYNTAX!” – Jason Wilson, Director of Data and Marketing at CRP.