Dhiban Trail Brochure

Designing a map to help you hike through millennia of ancient stories.


Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities






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A 15 km hike through Dhiban promises to unveil centuries of history along the soaring mountains of Madaba and the steep watery canyons along the Great Rift. Moabites, Romans, Nabateans, and even Alexander the Great have all left stories in this place.

The Dhiban trail also offers community experiences where adventurers can interact with the local culture, learn about Dhiban’s heritage, and dine with welcoming families along the trail.

The Dhiban brochure introduces the area’s rich history, nature, and local communities, and guides adventurers through a 15 km trail dotted by a plethora of ancient relics.

SYNTAX used a stack of online resources, tools, and plugins, to design a light, functional map to help hikers understand Dhiban’s jagged topography—from mountains to valleys and expanses—and pick up memorable experiences along the way.

Hike through millennia of ancient stories as you find your place among the soaring mountains of Madaba and the steep watery canyons of Mujib and Hidan.