Mix in. Stand out.






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Mix in. Stand out. Reinvent body care for everyone.

Is there anything in skin and body care that hasn’t been done yet? The market is saturated with brands selling us everything from nature claims to science claims and everything in between. So when we got the chance to work with a body care startup what was needed was beyond a brand. We ventured together to create a business DNA that’s as groundbreaking as it is obvious.

We asked ourselves: is there anything more personal than body care? If so, why aren’t there really personal skin and body care brands out there? Our answer was: Emulsion. Emulsion enables people to create their own personalized skin and body care products infused with expert advice and great ingredients. What’s your skin type? What are you doing today? How’s the weather? Whats your favorite fragrance? Take a base. Mix in the best oils, exfoliants, herbals and perfumes. Create your own mix. Take control. Feel great.

Create your own mix. Take control. Feel great.

Video concept by Emulsion Art direction and production by Labiba Productions