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The story of Farah began in 1978 with Dr Zeid Kilani, a regional pioneer in assisted reproduction. His clinic grew into a high-end gynecology practice, then to a regionally respected maternity hospital in 2001. But the founder had a single-minded vision to one day expand into a fully-integrated healthcare ecosystem, setting a new standard of clinical care in the region by launching a multi-speciality hospital.

In the past few years this vision was realized, ushering in a new era for Farah, through the launch of the Farah General Hospital and the emergence of the Farah medical campus in the heart of Amman’s medical district. The need emerged to reshape, extend and institutionalize the Farah brand to encapsulate this integrated medical care vision.

As Farah’s branding partner, SYNTAX gathered insights across all tiers of the organization, and set out to understand the opportunities and challenges of regional healthcare and to encapsulate the hospital’s core identity and services in a crystalized brand and an extended brand architecture.

The driving concept of the Farah brand emerged as ‘beautiful treatment’, combining excellence in clinical skill and science, investment in technology, human warmth and care and a commitment to excellence in design and architecture.

We saw in Farah a commitment to providing a patient experience that is holistic, relational and caring, emphasizing clinical care that goes beyond treatment.

Renders by Hala Ashour