Jordan Trail

An ever changing story


Jordan Trail Association






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The Jordan Trail Association was formed to develop, maintain and promote the vast expanse along Jordan's Great Rift Valley. With 650 kilometers and 52 villages and towns between the Fertile Crescent in the north to the edge of the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea in the south, the Jordan Trail makes for an ever-changing, rich and layered experience. The trail symbolized growth and potential and became a hallmark of Jordan’s already strong adventure tourism portfolio.

Alongside the task of developing a new brand for the Jordan Trail, our mission was to create a new way of seeing Jordan and its outdoors. Showcasing Jordan at its most authentic, the visual and verbal identity had to tell a compelling story that connected different audiences to the essence of Jordan; its people, nature, and land.

Our dynamic logo was all about the rift; about exploration and adventure, while the verbal identity maintained an inviting approach to engage a wide range of stakeholders, inside and outside of Jordan, whether they were members of the nature tourism community or independent travelers.