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Mazaj FM was established in 2005 as one of the first private radio stations in Jordan. After a decade of offering listeners a mix of Arabic hit music as well as engaging presenters tackling everyday issues of urban Jordanians, the station’s founders approached SYNTAX for a brand refresh and a launch campaign.

What set Mazaj apart was two things. First, attention to musical quality and craft across multiple genres of Arabic pop, covering both current hits and oldies from different eras. Second, Mazaj‘s presenters were known for talking in the common Ammani dialect, in a way that resonated with their urban audience.

With an impressive social media reach and 100k listeners at peak time, Mazaj wanted to cement its positioning and continue developing its brand to become a top-of-mind radio destination.

SYNTAX conducted a brand audit and a competitive landscape analysis. We explored the internal and external perceptions of the brand with key stakeholders. What emerged was a clear consensus on the brand values that helped to position Mazaj FM optimally.

The refreshed Mazaj brand emphasized the station’s strengths, standing both for quality Arabic pop, with a touch of musical innovation, and the starring role of its presenters. Visually, the brand was completely revamped. We departed from the old logo that depicted the Oud instrument and opted for an edgy, geometrical typographic solution, bold colors and dynamic visual implementations. The revamp was implemented on all major digital and non-digital touchpoint including social media channels, mobile applications, website, print campaigns, staff materials and stationery, and outdoor campaigns.

Quality Arabic pop, with a touch of musical innovation