Teacher Skills Forum 2018

Growth Beyond Grades


Queen Rania Teacher Academy






Education, Events and Conferences


Branding, Publication, Spatial

Education in the Arab region has been stagnant for decades, largely unchanged and uninspired. It was about time for the tired educational conventions to be challenged. Since 2014, the Teacher Skills Forum (TSF) has been striving to revolutionize education by developing teacher skills. The fourth edition of TSF focused on creating positive learning environments where every learner can express themselves with confidence, courage, and creativity.

How can education spark the artist’s imagination, nurture the nurse’s compassion, and intrigue the scientist’s curiosity? How can learners of today truly develop and contribute to making the world better? These were some of the questions TSF wanted to tackle in 2018, inspiring us at SYNTAX to develop the event's defining theme statement: Growth Beyond Grades.

TSF 2018 kicked off with a thought-provoking video that we developed for the event (in collaboration with Labiba Productions). From the get-go, this video challenged attendees to look beyond children's grades, to recognize their innate talents, abilities and passions.

Then, the 1000+ teachers went off to navigate and engage with a busy schedule of 128 workshops over the course of two days. SYNTAX created an integrated event experience where every touchpoint contributed to a meaningful whole. Branding, space design, informational collateral and signage had to seamlessly facilitate the many interactions of the attendees and help them to get the most of such an event, enveloping them in an environment of positivity and excitement.

Give every learner the tools and resolve to climb their own mountains, as high as possible.

TSF 2018 was the product of our ongoing collaboration with the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Pinnacle, and Kilograms. Together, we’re already looking forward to the next edition of TSF. What might the next educational challenge be this time around?
"@PinnacleJordan led by @Raed_Bilbessi, syntax design led by @humeid, Kilogram led by @Qaraeen words cannot express my gratitude to you for making @TeacherSkills #TSFJo #TSF2018 #GrowthBeyondGrades such a BIG SUCCESS ur the best to work with ❤" — Haif Banaian, Queen Rania Teacher Academy Director