Teacher Skills Forum 2019

Agile minds, turning tides


Queen Rania Teacher Academy






Education, Non-Profit/Social


Branding, Spatial, Publication, Video

In a world of a global society and rapid technological, economic, and social advancements, the future belongs to those who are truly capable of adapting to new variables and new circumstances. Our schools, classrooms, teachers, and curricula must create engaging environments that encourage collaboration, perseverance and autonomy. How can we equip a generation with an agile mindset that enables them to independently acquire new skills as their respective journeys continue beyond the school? How can we empower them to affect positive change and turn the tides for a better future?

The Seven Secrets of the Agile Mind

Conference opening film created by SYNTAX and Labiba Productions for the Teacher Skills Forum 2019. A symbol within a book. A book within a film. A film within an event. An event within an idea. For half a decade we’ve partnered with Queen Rania Teacher Academy to develop the communication theme and branding for this groundbreaking regional event. This year we went cinematic; we wanted to throw open the doors of the imagination, that moment when an amazing teacher gives you the key to a world unknown, yours to explore, and unlocks your mental superpowers.

SYNTAX designed the entire experience around the 2019 theme, developing the visual language and its implementations across space, digital and physical touch points.

Wrap up video by Labiba Productions